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Kara helps venture capital investors and technology companies streamline their climate disclosures and ESG reporting.

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Report with confidence

Set indicators, collect data, and start reporting.


Streamline regulatory and investor reporting

Get access to SFDR Article 8 and 9 compliance, set your own indicators and meet all of your reporting needs.


Automate data collection with popular integrations

Collect data 10x faster by integrating with the tools you already use, including Xero, QuickBooks, and Holded.


Access carbon accounting and impact metrics

Accelerate the path to Net Zero by tracking realized and avoided emissions, and other impact metrics.

Purpose built for the innovation economy

Supercharge collaboration with shared data infrastructure.

For leading investors with climate commitments and beyond.
Anticipate your Limited Partners’ reporting needs and automate SFDR reporting.
Benchmark fund and company performance against industry peers. 
Support your portfolio companies in their decarbonizatiion journeys.
Become Net Zero.
Roll-up fund level data for Limited Partners.
For companies built to last.
Streamline investor reporting.
Leverage data from the tools you already use.
Improve your performance with relevant resources and recommendations.
Compare your results against stage and industry peers.
Build your sustainability performance history and fly through due diligence.

Find delight in your sustainability journey

Measure with accuracy, build transparency, and exceed reporting expectations.

Support companies at all growth stages with dynamic indicators and frameworks.
Bring all portfolio data together, across indicators, in one place.
Compare funds and companies with high-resolution benchmarking.
Get access to policies and resources to advance your sustainability journey.
Create beautiful annual reports for stakeholder alignment.
Ensure that your data is audit-ready data with traceability of inputs.
Share and collaborate between investors and companies.
Anticipate and manage your climate risks and opportunities.

Activity-based and spend-based carbon accounting

Measure Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions using a methodology aligned with the GHG Protocol, backed by the most up-to-date emissions factors.


Measure impact with credible, comparable metrics

Access a library of metrics based on IRIS+ that is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Bring together realized, planned and projected emissions reduction

Embrace a quantifiable approach to impact investing with Project Frame’s methodology.

Set the foundation for compliance in weeks, not months

Stay on top of evolving international compliance needs with one platform.

SFDR Article 8

Keep your ESG claims backed up and fly through due diligence. 

SFDR Article 9

Prove your impact claims and the corresponding Principal Adverse Impacts.


Comply with the latest sustainability disclosures regulation. 

United States

Implement fund labeling with their corresponding disclosures.

United States
Net Zero

Demonstrate your commitment to Net Zero emissions.


Build your own ESG and impact framework based on existing standards. 

We help you build the sustainability data infrastructure necessary to stay compliant and grow with confidence.
“Kara gave us the confidence to start tracking realized and planned future impact metrics across our portfolio companies. The platform guarantees data integrity and a good experience for our founders.”

Amanda Rohrer

Senior Associate, Blackhorn Ventures
Built Environment
"As an impact-focused firm, it is vitally important for us to understand the ESG and impact performance of our portfolio companies. Kara has made this easy from day one, from collecting data to delivering insights."

Johan Schwind

Managing Director, URBAN-X
Built Environment
“As a fund of funds, we faced a huge challenge in monitoring our underlying portfolio in a consistent, transparent, and easy way. Kara helped us to put in place the right data infrastructure and process which is user-friendly and that sticks to best-in-class ESG frameworks. Kara is providing a clear path to SFDR compliance without overburdening our companies with data requests and disclosures.”

Nuria Zaragoza

Investor Relations and Sustainability, Aldea Ventures

Driven by data protection

Data is at the core of our platform. Together we can build on a foundation of security and privacy meeting the highest requirements across geographies and sectors.

Encryption keeps your data secure both in transit (TLS) and at rest (RDS AES-256).
Built on infrastructure that meets SOC2 and GDPR compliance standards.
Access controls ensure that only authorized individuals can see sensitive data.
Complete history with extensive audit logs and point-in-time data recovery.

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